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What is the Ultimate Power of the Catholic Church?

What is the Ultimate Power of the Catholic Church?

When Constantine saw the cross of the crucified Christ in the sun, the world changed. Christianity immediately changed from cult status to the official religion of the now Holy Roman Empire. The Roman armies now had God on their side as they conquered and subdued the peaceful polytheistic and pagan societies that were no match for the Roman war machine.

Then the Roman Empire collapsed. Or did it? Some believe that the Roman Empire lives on, even today. They maintained their intentions of taking over the world. But something changed when he converted to Christianity on his deathbed. The tactics of Roman conquest changed from taking over with military might and brute force, to taking over societies from the inside out. When the Holy Roman Empire abandoned its military machine, and took up the cross, it transformed itself into the Roman Catholic Church.

Instead of threatening Mary mother of Jesus from military invasions that could take years to plan and implement, they now head an ultimate weapon that could be used immediately, and the effects would be felt for all eternity.


By asserting that it was the only path to heaven, an assertion it still claims to this very day, the Roman Catholic church held incredible power over millions. The Vicar of Christ, could, without ever leaving his quarters, could speak Ex-Cathedra, and doom entire civilizations.

Indeed, this is exactly what happened to England in 1538, as the Pope Paul III decided, many agree for purely political reasons, to cut off the everlasting glory of heaven to an entire nation of people. People just like you and me who struggle every day to get their needs met and do the right thing, to take care of themselves and the people that they love. Such is the power that one holds who claims sovereignty over the very keys of heaven.

Spanning two thousand years from the savage jungles of South America to the mean streets of Los Angeles, Zapotec is a novel that is taking the world by storm. Girls are being murdered in a secret religious ceremony of the Zapotec tribe, thought kept secret by the Catholic Church for hundreds of years. The Zapotec tribe was all but wiped out by the conquering Spaniards. But did a secret sect survive? What does the Church know, and why do they want it kept secret?