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By the Hammer of Thor - A Way To Be A Memorable Teacher

By the Hammer of Thor - A Way To Be A Memorable Teacher

Looking back at my own experience in school the teachers I remember the most are the ones who not only were good teachers but had some "thing" that made them memorable. As I look at my teaching experience I wonder what it is that my students are going to remember about me. But first a look at my most memorable teachers.

In 8th grade my favorite teacher (maybe favorite teacher ever) was Mrs. E. She was a tough teacher and a lot of kids had issues with her, but I loved her! She cared about us as students and was so memorable. Things I remember about her; she would sneak to her car to smoke during lunch, she named her son Nacho, her singing mañana, mañana, there's always mañana. It's only a day away." to help us remember Spanish.

Also in 8th grade I had to male teacher who were weird. Mr. Shawl loved Cindy Crawford and lost his toe due to an ingrown toenail - the two are unrelated.

Mr. Foster hated his job and would tell kids to go play in traffic when he had had enough.

On of my favorite teachers in high school was Mr. Lubetz. He taught Chemistry. I am not a science person, but I swear I remember more about his class than any other. had a sign on his board that said "No warm and fuzzies!" He told me I would never get an A in his class - I totally did, he would put things in dry ice and then throw them on the ground in front of sleeping students to scare them, and he wouldn't eat food made by students. He told a story about a kid who made brownies for all his teacher and put ex-lax in them. Lubitz was one of the only ones who didn't eat them and escaped the wrath of that student.

Mr. Pirch was my AP US History teacher. I did not learn much about history though. He stands out in my mind as the teacher who was so wired on coffee he never blinked. He even spilled coffee on my mom in a parent teacher meeting. He also went elk hunting for two weeks before the AP exam. Needless to say I did not impress the College Board with my APUSH skills.

I recount the memorable tales of some of my teachers because I think the teachers that are most memorable and perhaps make a great impact are the teachers that have a "thing" that students can relate to. Mr. Pirch coffee and elks, Mr. Shawl toes and Cindy Crawford. It is those teachers that will stand out in our memories.

I was wondering what my "thing" was going to be. I am pretty random while I teach. I will often bust into song, do a little dance, or jump in the air. I am sure that will make an impression. I like sports and movies but nothing to cement me as the teacher that loved hockey. But then it happened. This year I have become Mrs. Thor.

If you read my post Men I Would Settle For you know I totally love Thor. Well through out this year I guess I have mentioned my love for Thor a few times. There is a wonderful chance that the D option on multiple choice tests is usually about Thor.

As a result I have received so many Thor related gifts that you would think I am a comic book geek. In case you think I am. I just discovered Thor and The Avengers because I liked the buff guy who knew his way around a hammer. I have received packs of gum with Thor's picture, a hat inscribed "Mrs. Thor," a Thor pez candy, a Thor phone case and several students calling me Mrs. Thor.

I have also made it known that I enjoy a good Starbucks. The first day of school I don't write my name on the board. Instead I write my drink order on the board, just in case they are at the bux and want to suck up a little.